If you live near the airport, you’re probably used to the sound of airplanes flying overhead. Sure, it’s annoying, but after some time, that annoying hum of a nearby jet just fades into the back of your mind.

At least most of the time. Because there are some people who just can’t stand the sound of the airport, no matter how long they’ve lived near it. One such man has captured the attention of the world after filing 23,431 complaints against the Dublin Airport for noise in 2022 — which was 90 percent of their complaints for the year.

“In one month alone — July 2022 — the individual, believed to live in the north-west Dublin suburb of Ongar, made 2,616 complaints to DAA, representing a daily average of 84 incidents of aircraft noise,” reports a piece in the Irish Examiner.

I want you to know that I worked as hard as possible to try to find this man. I sent messages, called people, DMed random strangers from the area, and more, and while a few people gave me some promising leads, I ended the search without knowing the true identity of this very whiny man.

@lifeabroad1 After posting the first video, a lot of people asked to upload a new one with the real sound. So this is what you get to hear if you live close to one of the wolrd’s largest airports (London Heathrow). The plane on this video - Boeing 767 makes an average sound compared to other aircrafts. The sound gets worse in case of 777s. Or A380. And that is the symphony you get to hear throughout the whole day every 60 seconds. Would you be able to live at that place? Location: Myrtle Avenue, London. #planespotting#aviation#planes#aircraft#loud#lowlandings#lowland#noisy#airport#loudplanes#aviation#avgeek#avgeek ? original sound - Girl that loves planes??

This doesn’t mean that the endeavor was a total loss. Through this journey, I learned a few things — like the fact that you can’t even hear the airport from Ongar. Residents of Ongar appeared absolutely baffled that someone would claim that airport noise is a problem in the area. Ongar is about a half-hour drive from the airport, and if anyone in the area did ever recall hearing airport noise, it was minor and rare.

Next, even if we don’t know who he is, this man in question has a history of this behavior. In 2021, the man filed 12,272 noise complaints against Dublin Airport. A year prior, he made over 6,000 complaints — in short, he’s getting better at this.

@thesun This is what it’s like living next to Heathrow Airport #fyp #heathrowairport #plane #airplane #aviation #aircraft #boeing #airport #planespotting #aeroplane #aviationlovers #flight #travel #foryoupage ? original sound - The Sun

Finally, I also learned of a conspiracy that he’s the same guy who pointed lasers into pilots’ eyes back in December of last year, as he hails from the same area. I’m not convinced — I don’t think someone filing that many complaints has any hobbies — but who’s to say?

In short, if you’re the guy who keeps submitting complaints to the Dublin airport, please reach out. We can talk airplanes, sound insulation, better ways to spend your free time — you name it, I’ll be there.