Lizzo’s smash hit “Pink” was one of the songs of the summer thanks to its inclusion on the Barbie soundtrack, and it was used with great fervor across TikTok by girls showing videos of a day in their life, acting out the opening lyrics of, “When I wake up, in my own pink world, I get up out of bed and wave to my homegirl…”

The song is now trending again thanks to a number of videos of women recording themselves in their boyfriends’ childhood bedrooms, which are more Mojo Dojo Casa House than Barbie’s Dream House.


♬ Pink - Lizzo

One such video shows Madison in her boyfriend’s bed, which sports a University of Michigan duvet cover, with his yellow bedroom walls visible behind her, as well as a U of M flag. She gets out of bed and steps onto a U of M rug before waving to a wall of football player cards, and ends the video by fanning a U of M blanket out on top of the bed. I think it’s safe to say her boyfriend likes the University of Michigan.

Commenters were amused, with people asking Madison, “Don’t leave us hanging, where did he go to school?” and even the University of Michigan’s official TikTok account commenting, “This is the ideal room.”

@nikkivawts This was Pauls idea we love a 6ft Shaquille O’neal poster #wheniwakeup ♬ Pink - Lizzo

Another video in the same vein shows a woman getting out of bed in her boyfriend’s basketball-themed room, complete with a 6-foot Shaquille O’Neal poster, framed Shaq jersey, and not one, not two, but three fans. Man must run hot.


scary room

♬ Pink - Lizzo

Meanwhile, Kennedy opted to showcase her boyfriend’s soccer-themed childhood room, which features a lifesize Lionel Messi on the wall and a shrine to his favorite soccer players. I wonder if he’d get along with Andie’s boyfriend, who has a Manchester United-themed room painted red and gold in their honor.


True story

♬ Pink - Lizzo

These videos are a good thing to keep in mind the next time you hear a man criticize women for being too obsessed with celebrities.