While Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was inescapable for anyone in the Americas in 2023, in 2024, Swift is taking the show on the road, having already visited Japan and soon to be appearing in Australia, Singapore and several European countries before heading back to the United States and Canada later this year.

The seemingly never-ending nature of the tour also means there’s an inevitable never-ending stream of drama associated with it — from people selling their friends’ tickets out from under them to people getting scammed left, right and center. An Australian radio show recently played host to one such drama, after a bridesmaid called in to the show to reveal to her friend, the bride, live on air that she would be pulling out of the wedding in order to see Swift in concert.

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Calling in to a popular Melbourne morning show, where Swift is due to perform on February 16th, 17th and 18th, a bridesmaid broke the news to her friend that she got tickets for the Saturday show. Seeking a compromise, the bridesmaid suggested that since the wedding was during the day, she would leave early for the concert before returning for the reception later in the evening (Swift typically finishes performing after 11 p.m.). She assured the bride, “We can obviously make this one work,” but the bride, Jessie, was less convinced, asking if this was a prank and if she was joking.

Liv, the bridesmaid, pleaded her case, explaining that she’s loved Swift for years and struggled, like many fans, to get tickets, but the bride wasn’t having it. She told Liv, “You know how much this has been annoying me, that people have been dropping out to go to her, and you’ve known all along that you’re going to go to her concert?” Displaying a modicum of self-awareness, Liv sighed, “I know, I sound like such a bad friend,” which duh.

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In an update video, the bride called in and explained that she was mortified that Liv chose to handle this via radio show (fair enough, it’s a weird way to talk to a good friend about a stressful topic) and angry, but she and Liv spoke off-air and Jessie informed her that she doesn’t need to worry about juggling the wedding and the concert because she’s been cut from the wedding after “showing her true colors.”

Most commenters were supportive of the bride, particularly since the bridesmaid had known she had the tickets for months and didn’t tell the bride until mere weeks before the wedding, but many Swifties argued that a Taylor concert was more important and the bride should understand that and should have moved her wedding.

Hopefully once they graduate middle school they’ll see reason.