Seemingly every week there’s a new metric by which potential dates can be assessed, and this week’s is perfect for the financially-minded. TikToker Danny, who makes videos on Gen Z finance, has created a series of videos about what a guy’s credit card says about him on the first date.

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First up: an Amex Platinum, which lets you know he’s rich and probably makes at least 200k working in finance or tech. “Do not ask him about the card because he won’t shut up,” Danny explains. In addition, “everyone knows the card is for travel and not dining,” so pulling this out on a date is a red flag, because it means he just wanted to flex. Unless, of course, you’re looking for a sugar daddy, in which case it’s a green flag.

If he uses the Discover It card, it could mean he either has low to no credit since the card is primarily used as a starter credit card, or “this is the most loyal man you will ever meet,” since he’s still using his first credit card.

Meanwhile, Danny says, “If he pulls out the Capital One Venture X card, marry him on the spot.” This man isn’t too bougie, but he’s done his research and opted for one of the best travel cards you can get.

Finally, if he pays with cash, he’s probably old. “Why are you literally on a date with a grandpa? Let this man rest.” Some commenters who work as servers argued that paying with cash is a green flag, though, so maybe it just means he’s worked in the service industry before.

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In a second video, Danny argues that if a man pulls out the Chase Sapphire Reserve, keep him, because it’s way more impressive than a boring old platinum Amex, which American Express hands out to “anyone with a pulse.” Plus, the Chase Sapphire Preferred means that he “knows the power of Chase cards,” which is also a green flag.

If your date pays for the meal with a business card, that’s a red flag — you and he both know your date isn’t a business expense, so why is he trying to write it off as one? Suspicious. “This man is sneaky, cuts corners and is probably involved in tax fraud,” Danny argues.

If he pays with an Apple card, he’s a tech bro, but he isn’t financially savvy. According to Danny, this is one of the worst credit cards you can get in terms of rewards. An Amex Gold card, though, means he’s trustworthy — he’s done his research, will treat you right and will never let you pay the bill, per Danny. “Ultimate green flag,” he concludes.

Interestingly, commenters mostly wanted to know what it means if he pulls out a Costco card. One suggested it means he’s ready for a family, while someone else said it means he’s frugal and prefers eating at home to eating out.

Honestly, a Costco card man sounds sensible. Can someone get me one of those? We’ll have food and supplies for days.