Proving that more people are Karens at heart than they realize, many Chipotle customers have begun recording employees preparing their food in an effort to hold them accountable and ensure they’re served generous portions.


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According to the many videos on the matter, the “phone method” involves pulling out your phone and recording as employees prepare your food, commenting on their efforts all the while. It’s based on an alleged new rule that employees have been instructed to follow that says they should serve particularly generous portions whenever they see someone filming, so as to mitigate the hate the company is receiving online.

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Countless videos have been posted to social media in the past week that suggest the hack works. One TikToker helpfully control-tested it by recording employees preparing her bowl while her husband didn’t record and comparing the results. Frankly, the bowls look pretty similar, but if someone really wanted to verify, they’d need to send people in separately, during different shift times, and compare those results.

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Commenters are convinced the trick is working across the board, however, with one writing, “I think chipotle is scared. I even got door dash chipotle today and I swear my burrito was 5lbs. It couldn’t even fully close.”

An improvement across the board regarding portion size would be preferable to recording minimum-wage employees doing their jobs in an effort to intimidate them to serve you more food. So let’s hope Chipotle has opted for a complete overhaul in their approach and that they aren’t responding specifically to disgruntled TikTokers who film their every waking moment.