One hungry office worker discovered that you are never truly alone in the breakroom, getting caught going to town on a chocolate cake meant to be shared by her colleagues.

Though it’s unclear what the cake was commemorating, the woman in question decided she would most certainly get in on the celebration, having at the chocolate cake not with a knife and fork but with a spoon and her fingers.

Beyond horrifying her co-worker, who whipped out their phone and recorded the incident, the woman’s unsanitary approach to eating a communal cake terrified the people of Twitter, several of whom let out a resounding “What the f—k?” upon seeing the now-viral clip.

“This is why either I don’t participate or only eat what I brought,” wrote @504yaknowdat.  “Once it out of my sight yall can have it.”

“As I always say, ‘Most people are disgusting when they think no one is looking,’” observed @Birdeckler.

While it appears the woman never realized that she had been caught — let alone caught on camera — one thing is certain: We’re never trusting communal office desserts again.