Ahh, Black Friday — the one time of year we abandon our friends, family, and anti-capitalist morals in pursuit of some sick deals, tailgating at Walmart, fighting fellow shoppers, and terrorizing workers just to save some dough …. or are we?

Los Angeles-based musician DeJay Downey seemingly stumbled across a massive holiday sale conspiracy during her most recent trip to Target, proving — by simply sliding over the store’s sale signage — that these crazy discounts may be just one, big consumerist scam.

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“It’s the same, I don’t get it,” the artist said after taking off a sign promoting Samsung Smart TVs as selling for $649.99 on Black Friday to reveal its predecessor, showing the television was going for the same amount long before the holiday sale. “I’m confused.”

Though Downey repeated this exercise on several other TV displays only to find the same result, a representative for Target explained why, exactly, this was par for the course, telling the New York Post that these items “were on sale before Black Friday as part of our early Black Friday sales.”

“We continued to offer those items at the same discount during Black Friday, but updated the signage to reflect the extended timing,” the spokesperson continued.

But even with this explanation, several were seemingly skeptical, including Downey who proposed rebranding the shopping event as a whole.

“In conclusion, Black Friday is being rebranded. The new name is called Black Fraud-day,” she said in a subsequent clip, noting that her commenters suggested the new moniker.

So take it from these scorned shoppers: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is — even on Black Friday.