Whenever you see one of those “good samaritan” videos, it’s easy to suspect that there’s more to the story. Maybe the dude in the video is an actor; maybe he’s real but they’ve pre-planned most of the interactions — or maybe the videographer just caught an average dude on a bad day.

Falling distinctly into the latter category is this video. When a man approaches a dude waiting at a bus stop and begins to interrogate him about life on the streets, the dude’s response is a pretty big surprise.

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“How long you been out here, and how’d you get like this?” the videographer asks. Confused, the man simply responds, “I’m good.” The cameraman then asks if he does drugs, and when he says that he doesn’t, why he’s sitting on the ground.

“I’m waiting for the bus!” the man exclaims. Whoops.

Yeah, as it turns out, not every dude with a disheveled haircut and lack of personal style is homeless — and not every homeless person looks like your ex-manager at GameStop.

Instead, some people are just trying to enjoy — well, tolerate — life while hanging out at the bus stop. Then again, there are always exceptions.