It seems like every week there’s another horror story about someone’s horrific experience staying at an Airbnb, from controlling hosts surveilling guests remotely to expecting people to clean the entire place before they leave but also pay a cleaning fee. This week’s example is a refreshing change: It’s the guests being terrible for once, but maybe they’re just fighting back against tyrannical Airbnb hosts? We’ll let you be the judge.

On their first night on vacation in Florida, a family found themselves locked out of their Airbnb around 2 a.m. Unfortunately, the host couldn’t come by to let them in until 7 a.m., so the family took matters into their own hands — they shattered the home’s front door, which was made of glass, allowing one of them to stick his hand through and open the door from the inside.

Commenters were divided, with one person commenting, “You know where I’ve never had to break a window to get inside? A hotel.” Others were astonished at the ingenuity, writing, “This is like literally the last thing I would think to do in this situation.”

Others wondered if there weren’t alternative solutions: “I think I would of gotten a hotel room before doing this. Hotel would be cheaper than what the door is going to cost.” Someone else suggested that they could have gotten a hotel and then made the host pay for it. One genius even suggested contacting a locksmith, although the OP said that that wasn’t possible for some reason.

According to the OP, the host was upset the next morning, and honestly, fair enough. It’s maybe the only time in the history of Airbnb that the cleaning fee wasn’t nearly enough.