One exasperated dad proved that much like faces, there are also clarinet solos only a father could love, heading to TikTok with a glimpse of his son’s very … squeaky school recital.

“Went to my son’s clarinet concert earlier,” Neil — a.k.a. @neil_r80 — captioned the now viral clip of his child’s school’s band debut, one depicting his woodwind-wielding kid’s honking instrument sounding more like an angry goose than an ensemble member.

Despite the child’s less-than-stellar musical skills, ones so bad that Neil said should have easily earned him “a Blue Peter Badge for holding it together,” he maintained hope that the next concert would be decidedly less squeaky.

‘We’ve all got to start somewhere,” he joked.

@neil_r80 I feel like i should have a blue peter badge for holding it together. My sons clarinet school concert esrlier. Weve all got to start somewhere ey #myson #music #concert ♬ original sound - Neil

Yet Neil is far from alone. Last year, TikToker @emilykamrowski headed to TikTok with a look at yet another horrible holiday recital.

In the clip, which has since been reposted to several pages, the entire band squeaked along to what may be the most off-key rendition of “Jingle Bells” to ever exist, one so bad the big sis opted to clarify that the song was, in fact, “Jingle Bells” in the comments.

@valid_vids_ #band#orchestra #bandkids#fail#awful#jinglebells #funny ♬ original sound - Valid Videos

But not all band fails go hard on the ears. For dad @PeteyTVProf, his son’s school band took a different approach to BS-ing it — collectively faking playing their instruments.

“My son had a middle school band concert tonight,” he captioned the video, depicting one very underpaid band teacher conducting a bunch of silent, instrument-holding students. “But I guess no one practiced before because EVERYONE decided to ‘fake it.’”

@peteytvprof Everyone decided to “fake it” at my son’s middle school concert! #trudenpenris #son #middleschoolband #fakeittillyoumakeit #peteytvprof ♬ original sound - PeteyTVprof

We can only hope that Neil is right … and if not, we’re sure his son — and @emilykamrowski’s brother —  will fit right into a local gaggle of geese.