A vegan nightmare came to life last week when a giant Burger King Whopper rolled through the streets of Newberg, Oregon.

Local news station KOIN 6 says that the Whopper had been affixed to a local Burger King when it suddenly came loose. From there, it went on a journey, flying through town and bounding over various buildings in the city.

Wow. Just look at it dancing for us, begging us to eat it.

Local reports chronicled the burger’s adventure across downtown. According to these burger flight experts, the Whopper crashed into a local smoke shop “before catching air, taking out an American flag and tumbling into another business.” Some say he’s still tumbling through town today (he’s not; police say the Whopper stopped on its own and that they were able to contain the bunned beast).

Funny enough, police also said that having a giant burger parade through town didn’t cause as many issues as one might expect. “Surprisingly, we received no calls regarding the runaway inflatable Whopper,” Newberg Police Department Spokesperson Amy Kepler told KOIN 6. “From what we understand, it happened very quickly and did not affect traffic.”

“I was actually surprised when it went across the highway that it didn’t hit anybody, any cars or anybody,” shared local resident Alyssa Vanzant. “But it was before 7 a.m. in the morning so there wasn’t too many cars on a Saturday.”

The inflatable Whopper is no longer in front of the local Burger King — which I guess is what he gets for trying to have it his way.