Any good scheme needs an escape plan.

If you’re a bank robber, for example, getting out of the vault is just as, if not more important, than getting in. If you’re going to throw eggs at your ex-boyfriend’s house — well, you should probably park in a way where escaping doesn’t involve blowing through a stop sign into a busy intersection.

But sometimes, you have to learn that lesson the hard way.

Girl and her friends egg her Ex-boyfriend’s house. Receive instant karma as they leave the scene
byu/II-lI inUnexpected

In the video above, a pair of women can be seen throwing something at a house and a car. Once they realize that they’re about to be caught, they get in the car and begin to drive off — only to be T-boned after driving through a stop sign.

According to local outlet Fox 2, this happened in Detroit, and the mix being thrown at the car/house was “eggs, Jiffy mix (and) flour water.”

“I guess she got mad because he broke up with her because he had a female friend, and she had a guy friend — it was basically a relationship problem,” explained a neighbor.

While the teens who threw the egg mixture appeared to try to flee the scene following the crash, the neighbor claims the cops later snagged them. “Cops caught up with them. Only thing the cops did was give them a ticket and send them home with their parents,” the neighbor alleged.

Thankfully, no one in the video faced any life-threatening injuries, though the person driving the oncoming car from the video was taken to the hospital. Let’s hope she’s okay — and that the teens driving learned an important lesson about traffic signs, egging houses and not being a dumbass.