Who let the dogs out? It’s an age-old question the first posed by the Baha Men back in the ‘90s … and now the peeved employees at a pet cafe in China.

On March 12, a pack of roughly 100 huskies at a coffee shop in Guangdong managed to make a break for it, sprinting through the shopping center as staffers did their darndest to corral the sprinting dogs.

While fortunately, workers were able to bring all the pups back to the confines of their cafe — an effort we assume required a whole lot of patience, toys, and an industrial-sized bag of treats — one employee was seemingly just glad the incident was resolved relatively quickly.

“All the huskies ran out of the cafe,” they told local news outlet  Xigua Video of the incident, per the South China Morning Post, noting the escape was sparked by the dogs’ excitement at seeing the cafe’s owner. “It’s very lucky they were found so soon.”

We can only hope these pups enjoyed their run … and for the sake of the cafe’s employees, settled in for some cuddles after their big day at the mall.