Sorry gophers — another animal has emerged as the patron saint of peeving putters, none other than a hungry band of javelinas hellbent on single-hoovedly destroying a luxe Arizona golf course.

Emily Casey, the superintendent of Sedona, Arizona’s Seven Canyons Golf Club headed to Twitter on Sunday with a clip depicting the damage the pig-like creatures recently inflicted on the once-pristine green.

“Come along with me on my carnage (I mean course) check this morning,” they captioned a video of the defaced golf course.

“What should be one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country is being destroyed by herds of javelina,” she added before asking her followers for the contact information of any government official who could possibly help with their apparent javelina infestation.

While several lamented the destruction of one of the state’s top courses, others gleaned an entirely different message from Casey’s clip, heralding the javelinas as vigilante climate heroes taking a hard-line stance on water-guzzling golf courses.

“I just looked up 'javelina' and let me tell you golf is not winning a PR war against these guys,” @TVsCarlKinsella captioned a snap of the adorable animal.


Meanwhile @PleaseBeGneiss pondered ways to help the creatures’ noble cause.

“How do I support the javelina effort?” they asked.  “Can we give them swords?”

Though it's unclear what, exactly swords will do for the notably opposable-thumb-lacking animals, @hog_rates offered some very pertinent words of wisdom for the course in the meantime:  “We recommend not putting your golf course in the middle of a javelina habitat.”