Just when you thought people on the internet were done with putting glue on their bodies where they shouldn’t, some poor soul found herself in the emergency room after mistaking nail glue for eye drops. 

Jennifer Eversole held an eye pack to her glued-shut eye while in the emergency room, while filming herself and announcing that she had “won the most idiot person award.” 

@mamaeversole This is one for the books for sure #fyp #foryou #eyesgluedshut ♬ original sound - Jennifer Eversole

In her recovery video, Eversole explained that she had done her daughter's nails the night before and forgot to pack the glue away. Nail glue and prescription eye drops are suspiciously the same size and not to be used interchangeably. 

@mamaeversole Replying to @Sarcastic Moth #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Jennifer Eversole

To rescue her eye, the ER doctors used an ointment to soften the glue and release the corners of the shut eyelids. They then applied numbing eye drops so they could cut her eyelid and eyelashes open.

“I just feel so stupid. And I asked them if this ever happened before — you ever got a call like this? They were like ‘…no.’”

Eversole indeed might be the unluckiest person on your timeline today.