The only thing worse than getting a massive pimple? Literally dying … or like, getting a nasty infection, a lesson one child-reality-star turned TikTok beauty influencer learned the hard way.

Hyland, who first skyrocketed to fame as one of the many children Abby Lee Miller traumatized during Dance Moms original run, headed to TikTok last week with a horrifying revelation — popping pimples in certain places on your face can actually kill you.

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“I didn’t know the triangle of death existed but now I do so I’m gonna teach you about it,” Hyland began her video, removing what appears to be a cold compress from her extremely swollen eyelid. “Hopefully you can avoid ever having something like this happen to you … or worse.”

Considering her lack of medical expertise — she, unlike several of her contemporaries, is at least aware that the title of TikToker doesn’t come with a medical license — Hyland recounted what some experts have dubbed the “danger triangle of the face,” per the Cleveland Clinic, where popping pimples can possibly lead to brain infection due to the underlying network of sinuses.

“Basically they recommend not popping pimples anywhere on your face, especially not in these areas because there are blood vessels that have direct lines to … your brain,” she said, pointing to a photo of a model with a triangle over her nose and the top of her mouth. “It can lead to very serious infections.”

Though Hyland said she was prescribed antibiotics for her swollen, now-popped zit, this new information sent her running to the emergency room.

“Let’s just say I’m going to the hospital today,” she said, noting that her commenters were “scaring the absolute s—t” out of her. “I’m scared for my life now.”

So take it from this angry Dance Moms alum — your hot friend isn’t lying when they say they’re like, literally going to die from a badly-placed pimple.