One moviegoer got a little too into the spirit of Oppenheimer, dropping a stink bomb of their own in perfect time with the film’s harrowing nuclear test scene.

A new clip shared to r/MadeMeSmile showed the hilarious transformation of one Christoper Nolan fan into death, passer of gas, audibly letting one rip right as the entire theater went silent at the film’s climax.

Farting will always be funny
byu/WorldlyBlackberry819 inMadeMeSmile

Though the audience was likely meant to sit with the terrifying gravity of the Trinity Test, the toot spread through the theater like a nuclear bomb, setting off a smattering of giggles from those watching.

We can only hope the unknown farter left the theater just like the film’s protagonist — staring blankly before him, reminiscing the horrors he unleashed upon humanity … or at least their fellow theater patrons.