For some of us, parking can be far more stressful than driving, particularly if you’re parallel parking on a busy street with eyewitnesses and cars lining up behind you, all looking on as you repeatedly fail to squeeze in behind someone’s Suzuki Swift. Not that I would know what that’s like, of course.

One man has taken it upon himself to create an Instagram account documenting every time he manages to park well in the face of overwhelming odds, and it’s pretty cute, tbh. Twitter user Keegan tweeted screenshots of the account and explained, “My friend runs an instagram account called ‘kikos parking service’ where he only takes pictures of his own car after finding a parking spot, and then comments on the picture from his personal account.”

In the screenshots, you can see comments from one ctjordan_, the parker in question, whose name is Casey. Many people were positively tickled by Kikos Parking Service, an account Casey has been running since September 2020; it being started in the haze of 2020 explains a lot, actually.

One impressed commenter wrote on Casey’s latest Instagram post, “Kiko is so unmatched in his skills, that I’m starting to doubt the authenticity of the picture, could this be AI? Are we being bamboozled?!” Others implored him to “drop the masterclass.”

Keegan informed Casey of his newfound fame, telling him that he was now getting famous off of Casey’s joke, to which Casey responded, “I was wondering why hot people started liking my car account. Tell them I’m single.”

In a follow-up tweet, Keegan added that Casey is 6-foot-3, and really, what more could you want in a boyfriend? He’s tall, funny and can park the car for you when you’re at the end of your rope and tired of judgemental stares from people on the sidewalk. Perfection!