It’s always the person you least suspect — yourself.

Meet Brian Paré. He’s a man from Quebec, Canada with a penchant for conspiracy and a frighteningly long rap sheet, including such lovely crimes as assault with a weapon and human trafficking.

Among Paré’s favorite conspiracies was one involving forest fires. After wildfires swept across Canada earlier this year, Paré hopped onto the home of the crazies (Facebook) to share his thoughts about what’s really going on. “Our government and elite want it to burn,” Paré wrote, per He later added, “It’s better to be a conspirator than to be their accomplice in this ultra-evil plan.”

This is a very funny thing to say, given new information showing that he was probably an accomplice in this so-called “ultra-evil plan.” That’s right — the anti-government man who said the government was encouraging forest fires appears to have been starting forest fires. According to CTV News, Paré is “facing arson charges in connection with the numerous forest fires that occurred earlier this summer in that area.”

“Prosecutors allege Mr. Pare deliberately ignited a fire or explosion ‘on several occasions’ in a forest between July 8 and Tuesday,” a time when open-air fires were explicitly banned, writes The Globe and Mail.

The French-language Le Journal de Quebec says these charges are a few of many. “Brian Paré is accused of lighting 10 fires, including eight in the forest, between May 31 and September 5. He also faces a charge of public nuisance for the sum of the acts he allegedly committed during this period.”

We don’t know why he might have started these fires. Maybe he just really likes the New World Order and wants to help them with their apparent plan to burn down the nation’s forests. Who’s to say?

So next time, before you cry conspiracy, make sure you’re not actually the one doing it.