Here’s the situation: You’re looking out the window of your apartment when you see something peculiar. No, it’s not the old man who insists on getting fully naked in front of his window. It’s something worse — a fire!

Of course, you’d call the fire department, right? Well, that’s what TikToker Kieran Murray (@kieranknightley) did. Unfortunately for Murray, what he saw wasn’t actually a fire, but a video of a Yule log on someone’s 8-foot TV.

@kieranknightley What would you have done? #fire #firefighter #nycfire #fdny ♬ original sound - Kieran Murray

First, dear God — they make 8-foot TVs? Who has an apartment big enough to justify an 8-foot TV? Second, it really does look like there’s a fire in that dude’s apartment. If I looked through the window of someone’s place and saw a raging fire, my first instinct wouldn’t be to suspect that they a) have a home theater, and b) use it for dumb --------.

Many in the comments were of a similar mindset. Accordingly, they didn’t roast Murray, but the person with the television. “I mean, if you’re putting a fire on an 8-foot TV maybe draw the shade,” advised a commenter. “A Yule log..... IN OCTOBER?!” questioned another.

While commenters were overwhelmingly in support of Murray, he was still a little salty about the whole thing, later posting a follow-up making sure everyone thought he was in the right.


Show of hands… I did the right thing or I’m a big stupid dum dum? ‍♂️

♬ original sound - Kieran Murray

Again, commenters said that he was correct to do what he did.

Surprisingly, many claimed to have done the same thing, or had the fire department called over something non-fire related. “A neighbor called 911 when they saw the reflection of my flickering Halloween light bulb,” recalled one TikToker. “Called 911 bcuz I heard a smoke detector. Ended up being a smoke detector someone threw out in the dumpster. I felt silly but what if it was a fire?” asked a second.

So if you ever find yourself in possession of an 8-foot TV, always be sure to ask yourself this question: Will my screensaver make it more or less likely that my neighbors will call the cops?