Those clowns in Congress! Given the recent kerfuffle about the House Speaker and modern government’s tendency to shut down every 20 minutes, some may long for a new voice in the halls of power to better represent the people.

Some may go even further: If the government’s going to be no better than just letting a monkey loose onto the floor of the Senate, what’s the harm in trying just that?

Recently, the government of Saharanpur in India’s Uttar Pradesh inadvertently gave it a try, and it turns out that the monkey’s not bad at his job!

As you can see in the video, the monkey isn’t distracted by offers of bananas. After breaking into the building, he gets right to work, sorting through documents to his heart’s content. While he might not be accomplishing much, it’s still already better than my last three experiences at the DMV.

While original reporting says that the monkey was in a government office, some local reports contradict this, claiming instead that the monkey “had entered the chamber of a lawyer in the Behat tehsil area.” According to News18, “The monkey [is] often seen in the area and soon after the animal entered the office, he quickly informed the Forest Department and police officials about the incident.” C’mon, let my man cook!

As News18 notes, this isn’t the first time that a monkey’s been caught unexpectedly on-the-job in India. Last month, another monkey was spotted typing into the computer at a local train station.

Forget A.I. — maybe a Planet of the Apes-style takeover is what we should still really be worried about.