One Ole Miss fan took being a sore winner to new, embarrassing heights this week, getting bowled over by a player moments after storming the field at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium following the University of Mississippi’s 55-49 victory over Louisiana State University.

Ole Miss fan pushed by LSU player after celebrating win on the field.
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“Let’s go!” the unknown fan yelled while running through the field, a red shirt tied to his head.

Though he likely meant this jab in jest, one LSU player — who appears to be defensive lineman Jacobian Guillory, per college football news outlet Saturday Down South — was not amused, promptly tackling him to the ground.

The hooligan in question was quickly apprehended, security dragging him off the field as guards held his LSU foe back from enacting further (well-warranted) damage. But even as officials carried him away, he refused to take the L, doubling down on his hatred for his southern rivals.

“P—y!” he yelled at the player despite getting flattened mere moments earlier. “Let’s go, baby!

So take it from this Ole Miss fan — you know you f—ked up when your on-field antics evoke nostalgia for the calm, cringey, days of Tebowing.