An influencer who claimed to have gotten her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead has sparked an online debate about stunts and the lengths influencers will go to in order to get as much attention as possible.

Ana Stanskovsky posted a video that appeared to show her getting the name “Kevin” tattooed on her forehead while in Bali, even tagging the local tattoo artist who purportedly did the piece. In the video, she squirms and grits her teeth as she’s getting the tattoo done

While Stanskovsky has continued to insist that the tattoo is real, going so far as to advise her audience that if their girlfriend doesn’t want to tattoo their name on her face they should find a new one as it’s the ultimate expression of love, many commenters have argued that the tattoo is obviously fake.

Amidst comments like, “The number of people commenting thinking it’s real makes me weep for society,” and “That’s the stupidest **** I’ve ever seen!” are comments from super sleuths like Kristin, who wrote, “This is obviously fake. There is no needle coming down in the close-ups, just the plastic part of the gun against her skin. Also, there is no redness, no swelling, no bleeding and no wiping of ink/blood during the process.”

Another commenter agreed it was most likely fake and condemned influencer culture, writing, “This….is not real lol. It would be red and irritated if she was genuinely getting a tattoo live. More proof that influencer culture is valid, fake and void of any substance.”

Meanwhile, several tattoo artists argued that the artist responsible shouldn’t have agreed to tattoo her, with one writing, “As a tattoo artist.... I’d NEVER do this to another human being,” adding, “It’s either fake. Or a negligent money hungry tattoo artist.”

Ultimately, it’s stupid. If it’s a fake stunt designed to generate outrage and views, it’s stupid, and if it’s real and she really does have her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her head, it’s even more stupid.

Either way, to paraphrase James Downey in Billy Madison, everyone online is now dumber for having seen this video.

Update: And would you look at that, she admitted it was fake. 

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