Porch piracy is a growing issue. According to Forbes, it was “recently estimated that porch pirates had bagged around $8 billion in merchandise in the past year” — though this data is from a home security company, so it’s right to take it with a big grain of salt.

Regardless of how often it’s happening, it’s pretty easy to declare it a “problem” given just how many instances of it we’ve seen in recent years.

While some take innovative approaches like dressing as a trash bag to nab their goods, others simply go for it — leading to bizarre interactions like this:

As reported by Fox 59, a man named Kyle Dorsch was waiting for his new Apple Watch to arrive when he noticed another car pull up alongside the FedEx truck. After a few seconds, the FedEx driver came to drop off the package — only to have a porch thief run by him, snag the package and then dash away before anything could be done.

“Before I could even get to the door, it was gone,” Dorsch told Fox 59. “I only saw the back of him as he was popping back into his car. I spoke with the FedEx station that the package came from, and they said that it’s been happening quite a bit around Columbus. They’re not sure how tracking numbers are getting leaked or addresses.”

Dorsch says he was later able to not only get a refund for the item, but track down the thief via Facebook Marketplace. Whether the police will actually do anything about it is yet to be seen, though given their recent track record when it comes to nabbing perps, I’m not too hopeful.