Though New York residents may have been advised to shelter in place as flash floods drown the city, submerging cars, staircases, and subway platforms while evidently setting several blazes, human New Yorkers weren’t the only ones searching for high ground. 

One Sea Lion at the Central Park Zoo decided to heed the weather warnings, appearing to seek higher ground as their enclosure filled with rainwater, while one took the rising tide to briefly escape her enclosure. 

While at first, the pinniped basked in the rain, propping itself up on a rock formation like that one still from The Little Mermaid, the creature’s majestic main character moment was quickly thwarted as a few of its pals unsuccessfully attempted to scale the stone.

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It’s unclear whether the basking sea lion decided to offer its friends a helping flipper, yet one thing is certain: We only hope their land-dwelling neighbors are managing to stay dry.