Some children have their priorities in order: They’re hustling from a young age, running lemonade stands and charging insane markups on watered-down swill, or they’re hitting the pavement and selling Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. Other children, unfortunately, enjoy wasting their time reading, of all things.

At least, that’s how grindset bros see one young boy’s accomplishment. Holding a sign celebrating his achievement of a very impressive milestone — reading 1,000 books before he’s even started kindergarten — this youngster looks fairly pleased with himself, as he should be. Some don’t feel the same, however, with influencer Corn FW tweeting, “stackin books when he should be stackin bread..... smh.”

Others agreed, with one person tweeting, “he stacking the wrong paper,” while another replied, “Kids these days don’t have that husla mentality.” Truly, it’s harrowing that children would prioritize the pursuit of knowledge over the pursuit of paper.

Others were happier for the little man, with one person tweeting, “That stance. He know he’s that guy.” Another response read: “I’m 42 and that’s probably more books than even I’ve read lol.”

The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge is run through local libraries across the U.S. and exists to encourage parents to help their children read — you guessed it — a thousand books before they start school. There’s no word on whether reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1,000 times counts or not, though.