A suspected Chinese spy pigeon has finally been released from prison after a grueling 8-month detention in India.

If you’re like me, you probably have some questions. For example, where does India keep its suspected spy pigeons? How many spy pigeons are there flying around the world today? And, most importantly, what is a spy pigeon?


A suspected “spy pigeon” was released after 8 months of detention in India.

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Unfortunately, concerning the latter, we don’t really know. According to CNN, the drama began when the pigeon was nabbed near a port sporting what seemed to be Chinese scribbles on its wings.

It’s unclear if anyone involved could actually read Chinese or had any idea what, if anything, the bird’s wings actually said; regardless, the bird was sent away to the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals, where it was kept for 8 whole months.

Surprisingly, there were some weird elements that warranted at least a little suspicion. For example, the bird had a chip in its leg — see? Don’t you feel better about it being locked away for 8 months now?

However, some people didn’t see it that way. Specifically, the people over at PETA India, who decided to step in put pressure on the Indian government to free the bird.

Eventually, it was determined that the pigeon was actually a racing bird from Taiwan, and it was determined that the bird was likely a stowaway on a ship that made its way to India from there.

No matter who it belonged to originally, Ravindar Patil, the assistant Mumbai police sub-inspector assigned to the case, says that the country has decided to keep the bird.

“Now it belongs to us, here,” Mr. Patil told the New York Times. Guess it’s time for Mr. Patil to take up pigeon racing!