Though Taylor Swift may be in the midst of her Eras era, her concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has smashed box office records since hitting theaters on Friday, several of her fans are evidently in their witchcraft era, getting caught holding what appears to be a seance during a screening of the singer’s new flick.

Swiftie influencer @calihollywood recently took to TikTok to share some shocking security camera footage purportedly captured during a recent showing of Swift’s film, depicting several fans holding hands and walking in a circle in front of the screen.

@calihollywood its giving midsommar #erastourmovie #erastourtaylorswift #evermore #taylorswift #midsommar ♬ willow - Taylor Swift

“What Swifties look like to movie theater workers,” she wrote alongside the post, which garnered upwards of 1.1 million views in less than a day on the site. “Low key the cultiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

While it’s unclear whether this circle of Swifties was a weird new dance trend or a ritual that was “giving Midsommar” as @calihollywood put it in their caption, one thing is certain: to paraphrase @peanutbutter_waffle’s incredibly astute comment, those movie theater cameras got one heck of a show when we were in high school.