Remember 2019? It feels like yesterday, and yet a lifetime ago. In just four years we’ve gone through a global pandemic, a chaotic election and the downfall of Kanye; all of which have thrown society into chaos. In 2019 Tom Brady was winning Super Bowls with the Patriots, and Marvel was a beloved studio releasing Avengers: Endgame.

But all of those things pale in comparison to 2019’s most forgotten feature, which the internet was shockingly reminded of in this viral tweet from @Grandeza____: Dirt cheap Chipotle prices.

“The good ol’ days,” @BowTiedFeline commented, “extra guacamole today costs nearly as much as a burrito then.”

It’s no secret that inflation and price gouging are major issues right now, but seeing prices from just four years ago really puts things into perspective. A $6.85 carnitas bowl in 2019 currently costs $14.35 on Chipotle’s website in New York City before any add-ons like guac or queso. As @HeshimaSpeaks put it in a quote tweet, “no amount of “budgeting” can excuse the fact that inflation is robbing us blind.”

Society feels like it is returning to some sense of normalcy these days, and positive Covid tests no longer trigger mass hysteria. But until I can go out and satisfy my cheap Mexican cravings within some semblance of a budget, things will never be the same. Oh, for it to be 2019.