Would you like a bacon/shrimp-hybrid with that?

That’s the question one unknown fast food joint has apparently asked every single one of its Uber Eats customers, boasting images best described as A.I. monstrosities alongside their delivery app listings.

On Sunday, @MickYourDad headed to Twitter with this harrowing dinnertime discovery.

“Looking through DoorDash, ran across this restaurant with egregious AI burgers,” he began his now-viral thread, before uploading a parade of digitally-rendered images so offensive, they would even make Hal 9000 weep tears of shame.

While It remains unclear where, exactly @MickYourDad found these uncanny burgers, the response among his followers was apparent —  horror and confusion at the blue buns, random cheese slices and inexplicably meshed bacon and shrimp peppering the menu items.

“This genuinely makes me viscerally uncomfortable to look at,” wrote one Twitter user alongside the restaurant's shrimpaconator burger. “Like I think I now understand how trypophobia people feel.”

“You should be banned from these apps if you use AI images,” added @ConStar24.

Meanwhile, @realpqp managed to find their appetite amid these revolting “snaps,” inventing a dining concept inspired by these listings.

“Restaurant that only makes ai-generated food: ‘the uncanny valley,’" they joked.

But even with this instant viral infamy, A.I. photos are far from an anomaly in the world of delivery apps.

A preliminary search found that many other burger joints — several of which appear to be linked to a ghost kitchen chain known as “Burgerz” — have tapped A.I. to peddle their fare on platforms like Door Dash and Seamless.

For one Burgerz location in Bellmore, New York, offering what may be the most visibly incomprehensible “Classic Veggie Burger” to ever (not) exist is all in a day’s work. Another location in Hackensack, New Jersey proudly gave a massive middle finger to all of us Jews, boasting the offending shrakon (bahrimp?) among its DoorDash menu items. 

But it’s not just legit restaurants getting in on the fun. A third location run out of what appears to be a residential home in Detroit, Michigan, has touted not only their “Burgerz” offerings but that of their “Philly Cheez” franchise using digitally altered photos. 

Their “Wild Mushroom Burger,” per the images on their Seamless page, are accompanied by strangely mushroom-shaped fries. Their “Porky’s Philly Cheeze” features what appears to be a smattering of green apple slices — an add-on mentioned nowhere in the product description — nestled beneath the bun. 

But hey, maybe us food puritans hellbent on knowing where and how our food is prepared are in the wrong here. Maybe this is all part of a diet-forward concept, one based on the fact that pixels, no matter how unappetizing, will always have zero calories.