In true fashion of “letting your intrusive thoughts win,” Joshua Bassett was met with silence after he joked about a fan passing out.

These days you can’t get through a 90-minute concert without someone passing out from dehydration, exhaustion, or crowd crush. Artists try their best to handle it and keep people safe. But what better way than laughing through the pain?

A fan recounted two girls passing out within 10 minutes of each other during a Joshua Bassestt concert at The Roxy Theatre in LA.

“When he was notified about the 2nd girl, Josh said ‘They’re dropping like flies….sorry that was insensitive’ like ?! pls be serious sir,” she tweeted out along with a video of Bassett’s reaction.

Bassett was at the keyboard playing his song “Lifeline,” which is about him almost dying of septic shock and heart failure back in 2021. He stopped in the middle of the song to ask if someone needed medical attention and then he cut the emotional tension to hit everyone with a zinger. And the crowd went — silent. You can hear the fan behind the camera whisper “What?”

C’mon guys you know he was just Joshing.