Venice is, supposedly, a beautiful city. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been.

But if you’re the type of person who watches travel shows or is, I don’t know, aware of the world, you’re probably familiar with the famous city of Venice. It’s a town known for its beautiful bridges, narrow streets, and of course, its complex network of canals. Yes, these canals are the reason that the city will eventually sink into the sea, but for now, tourists love them and can’t stop taking pictures of them.

I mean, literally can’t stop taking pictures of them — to the point where one group of tourists literally flipped their boat in an attempt to take more selfies.

According to The Guardian, a gondolier in Venice was guiding a group of Chinese tourists through the canals when they came upon a particularly difficult stretch. As best he could, the gondolier told the tourists to stop taking selfies and sit in the center of the boat to avoid it tipping over.

The tourists did not listen, and though he continued to insist they sit down, they did not. This led to the boat flipping over completely.

Everyone involved was fine, and one Instagram account documenting the event “said the group was brought to safety and provided with ‘hospitality and warmth’ in the nearby La Fenice theatre,” says The Guardian.

Still, it could have been worse — as the piece notes, Venice gondola capacity was recently reduced thanks to “overweight” tourists. Maybe after this, the city will put in some selfie limitations, too.