In one of the strangest stories you’re likely to read about this year, a North Carolina waitress named Tara was fired after posting a photo on social media of a customer on a “date” with a blow-up doll.

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In the video, Tara opens by explaining that she’s not supposed to record TikToks at work, but she needed everyone to see what just came in the door of her workplace — a “nice restaurant in Charlotte.” The video then zooms in on the man sitting across from a blow-up doll while Tara is left speechless.

According to Charlotte’s Queen City News, the man pictured is Henry Herrera, who took the doll to dinner at Restoration Hardware’s RH Rooftop Restaurant as “punishment” for losing his fantasy football league. He told the newspaper he was inspired by videos of similar situations, and it was designed to be comical.

“Last year we started punishments for the last-place finisher in our fantasy football league,” Herrera explained. “The guy last year had to sit in a Waffle House for 24 hours, and every waffle you (ate) subtracted an hour. But we kept seeing that online, so we wanted to do something different.”

He added that the dinner with the doll was the “worst five minutes of [his] life,” and that he expected footage to end up online: “I kind of assumed it was going to happen. As I was sitting down, I already saw like six phones recording me.”

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As for Tara, she revealed in a follow-up video that she lost her job over the TikTok, which was filmed and posted in violation of the restaurant’s social media policy. On the bright side, she has made appearances on multiple local radio stations since going viral, so perhaps she, like many before her, will turn her brief flirtation with internet fame into a fully-fledged career.

The blow-up doll could not be reached for comment.