When you want to move an island, you’ve got to break out the boats.

Wisconsin’s Lake Chippewa has an interesting feature: It’s full of floating bogs. According to the Chippewa Flowage website, these bogs bounce around the lake and “can range in size from the size of a parking space to several acres.”

Sometimes, however, these bogs get in the way. That’s when you call the boys, get into your boats, and get to work. Ladies and gentlemen, move that bog!

A timelapse video of the bog movement was recently posted to X/Twitter, where it accumulated over 30 million views. In the video, several boats can be seen nearly burning out their engines as they move a massive bog — thank you, beautiful “boaters”!

A response Tweet provided some additional information. Essentially, Lake Chippewa’s bogs came about as a result of a century-old river damming. Since then, the bogs have become essential for local wildlife — and as a result, they’re protected by the state.

That said, they can be a nuisance. One local restaurant owner noted that the bogs can block a nearby bridge, and so, a group of 25 boaters got together and decided to push the bog deep into the lake without damaging it.

Did it work? Kind of. The bog didn’t end up blocking the bridge, but it also got caught on some rocks, meaning that the boaters may have to rally the troops and do this again every couple of months. Next time, count me in!