Have you ever sat down to enjoy some delicious, spicy wings and just felt as though something was just … missing? Something creamy? Something delicious? Something large enough to fill a 55-gallon tub?

If so, it appears you’re in luck — enter one wing joint’s latest offering, a 55-gallon tub of bleu cheese dip. On Sunday, Redditor u/Justcorn34 headed to r/mildlyinteresting with a glimpse at what may be the most absurd culinary offerings in the continental United States, an industrial-sized portion of sauce and an even larger platter of wings.

“This restaurant has a 55-gallon drum of bleu cheese on the menu,” they captioned a photo of what appears to be a menu for Flyers Wings & Grill in Orlando, Florida.

Though the massive tub of blue cheese may set you back an eye-watering $967, per the screengrab, the price pales in comparison to its culinary companion, an order of 1,500 wings for the low low price of $1,426 … or best offer.

Though this dollar-a-wing deal is not presented on the eatery’s website, we can only hope that this menu is not only real but provided to every single diner that walks through the restaurant’s Floridian doors. After all, to paraphrase Redditor u/publicbigguns’s incredibly astute inquiry — what else are we supposed to dip with my 1,500-piece wing order?