The tide appears to be turning against Airbnb; locals in cities around the world continue to protest the fact that Airbnb is contributing to increasingly unaffordable rents, as well as taking up valuable properties that could have been rented by locals instead. But in all of these criticisms of Airbnb, did nobody consider how it might make it easier for some men to cheat on their girlfriends? Let us learn from Staci’s harrowing ordeal.


based on true story unfortunately lmao

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Taking to Tiktok, Staci shared that she “found out his ‘apartment’ was really an Airbnb he’d rent out the nights I stayed over and he really lived with his ex the entire time we were together,” capping that doozy of a sentence off with a clown emoji.

Some commenters were sympathetic to Staci, while others found the humor in the situation. One person wrote, “I’m just imagining him panicking bc the airbnb is booked and he needs it ????,” while several others argued that this was an incredible level of commitment and obviously a good sign. “That level of commitment is crazy, he wants you girl,” a commenter argued; another added, “If he wanted to, he would.”

Meanwhile, others found yet another silver lining, witih an influencer named Cindy commenting, “so ur saying he has moneyyyyy,” and considering the price of Airbnbs, she’s right. This is a crazy level of commitment in order to maintain a ruse, and the dude undoubtedly has cash to burn, or a huge amount of credit card debt.

In the comments, Staci gave us more info, revealing that he had clothes and other stuff in the apartment but that he’d also told her he’d just moved in, which is why she didn’t find it weird that the space didn’t look particularly lived in.

Staci’s experience has left others paranoid, with one person commenting,

“Nah now I gotta ask for a lease or something ????????.” Better to be safe than sorry!