There’s a famous seal who’s been parading around Tasmania, Australia, and he’s getting kind of annoying.

The seal, who is known to locals by the name Neil, has attracted attention on numerous occasions. According to residents, he’s known to hang out on the beach, approach cars and attack traffic cones, even destroying a few in the process.

There he is. What a beautiful boy.

However, it’s not all fun and games with Neil, at least not for residents who have to deal with him. While people like me may find Neil “sick” and “a total bro,” locals are completely beholden to our big boy, unable to interfere with him as he goes about his daily seal life. This recently took an interesting turn for Tasmania resident Amber Harris, who found herself unable to go to work after Neil parked in front of her car.

“He’s outside having a little nap,” Harris told ABC Radio Hobart. Harris quickly informed her co-workers about the incident and told them that she couldn’t come into work. It seems that they were fairly understanding about the whole ordeal. “[Work] got all the photos so they knew it was legitimate. It’s given everyone in the office a bit of a laugh,” she detailed. “There’s not a lot you can do with a 600kg seal at your car.”

Neil ended up staying around Harris’ yard for about four hours before returning to the beach. But according to Harris, if Neil wants to swing by again, she’ll gladly let him hang. “I have no idea why he’s chosen my front yard,” she shared, “but he’s welcome to stay as long as he wants.”

Hey Neil, if you want to come by my place sometime too, you’re more than welcome. I’ll even lay out some cones for you.