Any time you're eating at a new restaurant you have to keep your eyes peeled for critters (especially for the B-rated joints). One woman jumped to action when she allegedly saw a mouse while dining at a Chinese restaurant.

She starts arguing with the restaurant manager as she stands on top of a chair. The manager tries to calm her and tells her to get down but the mouse peeper refuses.

Woman sees mice running around in asain restaurant
byu/sexONaStDick inPublicFreakout

“You’ve got mice running around here! You talkin’ about ‘me come down?'” she yells.

The couple filming the video at a nearby table try their best not to eavesdrop and can be seen eyeing their plates and the corner where the alleged mouse ran.

The filmers have two choices. Call the woman crazy and continue eating their beef and broccoli or ask for their plate to go and speedwalk to the nearest outdoor trashcan.

“Calm down, calm down... It's just the chef, on his break,” commented one user.