10 American Cities 100 Years Ago Through Colorized Photos

Urban life has changed a lot in the United States over the last 100 years. We've grown in both size and population, increased public transportation and individual car use, and generally changed the purpose of our architecture. Between 1900 and 1912 we went from a country of 45 to 48 states, and the industrial revolution forever altered our industry. So what did major American cities look like just after the turn of the last century? Thanks to these colorized historical photos posted to Twitter by the Culture Critic, we can take a look. Here are 10 major American cities, then and now. 

No offense to western New Yorkers, but most of the country doesn't think much of Buffalo. Insanely high snowfall in conjunction with frigid temperatures and a closer proximity to Toronto than any other American metropolis, (unless you count Rochester), leaves you with the stereotype of a passionate football fanbase without much else to get excited about. But these photos show Buffalo as much more, with possibly the most picturesque main street of any city pictured here. This may have even inspired me to hop on a regional Dash-8 jet and shuffle on off to Buffalo.

So take a look at beautiful Buffalo, and ten other American cities 100 years ago. 

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