11 Hollywood Flops That Didn't Live Up to Their Potential

Hollywood blockbusters fail all the time, but these movies and their producers should have known better. 

Movie studio executives have proven time and time again that they don't actually understand what it takes to make a good movie. The way beloved brands have been destroyed from Star Wars to Star Trek to Avatar: The Last Airbender, shows that studios care much more about making money than putting together a good product. The thing is, good movies make more money, as these 11 Hollywood failures prove. 

Just because a movie has heaps of money to throw at prominent actors and successful directors, doesn't mean it will capture the magical chemistry that makes a perfect movie. For that, you need good writing, and executives willing to leave their sticky paws off. For example, the King Arthur movie franchise featured here fell victim to significant rewrites during shooting that completely changed and handcuffed major plot points. As a result, they never got to make another. 

Whether well-funded, based on awesome source material, or blessed with gifted actors, these movies all had the potential to be much better than they were. Except, they weren't. Here are 11 Hollywood failures that didn't live up to their potential. 

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