10 Unbelievable Facts About Airline Disasters

We all consciously know that flying is by far the safest form of travel. Still, hurdling through turbulence at 40,000 feet and 500 miles per hour in a thin metal tube goes against everything our body tells us is natural. There has to be nothing scarier than experiencing an airplane disaster firsthand, but that shocking horror triggers something deep in our subconscious curiosity. Here are the stories of 10 airline disasters to satisfy that dark craving. 

Any incident with a nickname has to have a story behind it, and the "Gimli Glider" certainly does. Air Canada Flight 143 was on its way to Edmonton from Montreal, when it ran out of fuel all the way at its cruising altitude of 41,000 feet. A failed fuel-quantity indicator sensor had already been documented on the plane, but maintenance staff misunderstood the issue and deactivated the plane's backup. Then, ground refueling proceeded to miscalculate the fuel needed for the flight. A functioning sensor was waiting for the plane in Edmonton had they made it. 

Instead, pilots were forced to land the sizable Boeing 767 without thrust. The Gimli Glider landed at an old Air Force base, which had since been converted into a motorsports park. Here's that, and nine other unbelievable airline disasters. 

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