14 People Celebrating Meltdown May In Style

The month of May is known for flowers, the Indy 500, and major meltdowns. As temperatures get hotter so do tempers, and people around the world have had trouble keeping theirs in check thus far. 

You could make the argument that Drake has been the most successful male artist in the world over the past decade. Is he the best? Absolutely not, but for whatever reason, he has managed to stay relevant the longest and produce the most studio-backed hits. Nobody had any misgivings that Drake was a perfect role model, but things might be way worse than ever imagined. Rapper Kendrick Lamar released a series of diss tracks that set the hip-hop world ablaze, and despite an attempted clapback from Drake, there was no coming back from Kendrick's onslaught. Accusing Drake of doing things with underaged girls, as well as abandoning a daughter, Drake's career might find itself as May's biggest meltdown. 

Read about that and 12 other public failures from the past month right here. 

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