14 Naieve Souls Who Asked to Be Roasted and Got Cremated

Usually, it isn't very nice to say incredibly mean things to people. Unless of course, they give you permission to go for their throats, which is exactly what the people on the r/RoastMe subreddit do every time they decide to post themselves. So in the spirit of good fun and taking things on the chin, here are 15 people who asked to get roasted, and got totally torched. 

If you decide to post on this subreddit, you better be ready to own your flaws and have a grasp on your biggest insecurity. Otherwise, you might not like what you read. For example, anyone who looks older than their actual age will have it immediately pointed out. Even weight isn't a topic that's off-limits. 

One 18-year-old man with a scruffy look was immediately compared to a farm animal. "Only feed with flat hand," one person commented on the post. As bad as that is, "Upper case gums, lower case teeth" might have been an even more flaming insult. In fairness, with his look, he probably knew the commenters would have some material to go with. In the spirit of good faith insults, here are 15 people who wanted to get roasted, and got exactly what they asked for. 

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