14 of the Worst Bosses of the Week

It might be a new year, but I'm sorry to report that you probably have the same old job, complete with the same old bad boss who makes you wonder if you could really cut it as a full-time NPC TikTok livestreamer. But as bad as things might be for you, they're hopefully not quite as bad as these 14 people have it. Here are the week's worst bosses, from the r/antiwork subreddit

One recent viral photo shows a woman working the cash register at a fast food restaurant while carrying a baby on her chest. It's hard to tell whether her immediate boss should be blamed for forcing her to come into work or commended for allowing her to bring the child, but there has obviously been a failure here on some level. People should be able to afford childcare and take extended maternity leave; neither of which has obviously been afforded to this woman. Let's blame the big bosses here. 

As for smaller bosses, one Reddit user described her incompetent and whiney manager. "How common is it to have a boss who knows way less than you?" she titled her post. Judging by the existence of this subreddit and its popularity, I'd unfortunately say it's quite common. 

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