16 Quite Trashy Pics Discovered in the Landfill

Look, we didn’t all achieve everything we wanted from this week. Did you drink a little too much on a work night? Needed to go to the post office or send your car in for repairs but spent the time on your couch doing absolutely nothing? 

It's too cold and nasty outside for errands or tasks to make you a better person. No matter how messy and out of sorts you feel your life is, it pales in comparison to the citizens on r/trashy.

r/Trashy is the Reddit page that is the internet equivalent of a cesspool. Nothing you have ever done is worse than what the trashy people on that subreddit have done. Got a bad tattoo in your 20s? Well, at least it's not a huge chest piece with arrows calling yourself a “two-seater”. Maybe you took your shoes off on the plane but while you should be charged for crimes against humanity, the sentence would be much kinder than what the woman drying her underwear on the plane would receive.

So kick back relax and start to feel like Mother Theresa in comparison to these wild, wild humans. 

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