16 Reasons Why the Internet Has Fallen in Love with 'The Incredibles' Again

Four years before Iron Man officially kicked off the MCU and the rise of super hero action films, it was a children's movie that had the world's super hero enthusiasts in the palm of its hand. And this one would avoid the future of oversaturated action garbage by delaying a sequel until the world physically couldn't wait any longer in 2018, even though no movie I can think of has an ending more perfectly conducive to one.

Of course I'm talking about Pixar's The Incredibles, which is in my opinion the best picture the iconic studio ever produced. But while I and many others haven't thought about the movie in a few years, dedicated fans like Twitter's doctor idk have been making sure nobody forgets, and now the people are listening. In a series of threads that earned 47 and 33 million views respectively, doctor idk shared some of his favorite examples of the movie's creative writing, and ambitious decisions it got away with in a children's movie. 

From the overarching themes of government control and the harm of big business, to the highly emotional and relatable family drama, to the flat out spectacular action and plot twists, The Incredibles has it all, and the internet is ready to watch it again.

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