18 Awkward Memes of Mark Zuckerberg at UFC

UFC Fight Night 298 in Anaheim California on Saturday featured knockouts, new champions crowned... and an alien invasion? 

More specifically, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance as part of Australian fighter Alexander Volkanovski's entourage, when the defending featherweight champion made his way out to the octagon. Zuckerberg appeared to try and shake hands with the men around him during an exchange of equipment, but in typical awkward Zuck fashion, nobody accepted. Memes quickly came pouring in comparing the video to the various awkward situations in backstabbing corporate America. "Private equity associate trying to fit in at the company they just acquired," one person tweeted. 

The Zuck has long been a fan of martial arts, but unfortunately we never got to see him go head to head with fellow worldwide billionaire Elon Musk. Instead, we've been forced to watch Zuckerberg face off against congressional committees in place of physical foes, and somehow it has made him seem somewhat redeemable for the first time since Facebook rose to prominence. That being said, his presence at UFC didn't help Volkanovski, who lost the title to Ilia Topuria in the fight's second round. Maybe they should have let him shake someone's hand. 

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