18 Most Awkward Parenting Posts of the Week

Parenting is hard work and most parents are just clueless adults trying to speedrun through the day and keep their spawn alive. If you need some representation, then here are some funny parents who are just trying to survive as their kids make it really awkward.

Between 3rd-grade homework being way harder than you imagine and your kid roasting you in public, these parents have their hands completely full. How do you answer your kid when you seem to forget all forms of math between grade school and giving birth? How do you explain to someone who’s only been on this earth for a whopping three years that they can’t pull down your pants in the middle of Target? It may be the kid's first time on earth but the parental embarrassment will stay with you for generations.

But on the lighter side at least there is a whole side of the internet dedicated to talking about your parenting L’s and misfortunes. It’s easier to cry when you have others join you.

Scroll down parents and be with your people.

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