18 Fresh Memes and Tweets From Parents Who've Had Enough (November 1, 2023)

Parents, we know that you’ve had an eventful 24 hours. The aftermath of Halloween is a chaos that those who don’t have kids could never imagine. Thankfully, I was a child once who asked for my costume the day before trick-or-treating and ran on a sugar high for weeks after Halloween. So while you clean up candy wrappers and pray that your kid will finally fall asleep, have some tweets to numb the pain of driving to a parking lot with other cars so your kid can get a KitKat from some stranger's trunk.

Whether you’re separating your kids' candy, hiding it, or trashing it like that one psychotic mother revealed to Twitter last year, these tweets get parents who are trying to be “economical” about their kid’s candy stash. We’ve gathered tweeted tales like the child-sized grim reaper waving at a funeral procession, kid nibbles that borderline insanity, and weird things found in children's candy (that all parents need to be aware of). 

So parents, take a break and maybe steal a piece of candy or two from your kid’s stash and give yourself a giggle with these tweets. Savour the moment before planning the next big holiday that will stress you out even more. 

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