18 Paranormal Pics That Might Prove We're Not Alone

Do you believe in ghosts? Based on what's in these photos, maybe you should. 

Even the most skeptical person has seen things that they can't explain and felt like they were not alone at some point. It's a natural human instinct to be scared of the dark, or anxious when by yourself. But while some people shake off the feeling and blame it on their own heads, these brave souls decided to pick up a camera and grab a picture. The result? Images even more terrifying than leaving things up to the imagination. 

From a laundry room to a bedroom to an abandoned house, these people saw things around them that they just couldn't explain. Whether the outline of a figure, or a real moving being, they searched for answers on the r/Paranormal subreddit; a place where people share their unexplainable stories. But while most people blamed these images on the supernatural, the natural was potentially more terrifying. For example, one man received a warning from his home security system and saw a figure on the cameras. However, he never got a warning saying anything had left. A ghost, or a real home intruder that is still around to cause trouble? Either way, he's not alone. 

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